Congress presentations

Strawberries visual
Rethink Practical Innovation
Speaker: Nigel Barlow
Size: 2.89 mb
Production Areas Worldwide
Speaker: Philippe Appeltans
Size: 1.96 mb
Strawberry Trade presentation 2013
Speaker: Binard Freshfel
Size: 2.17 mb
Predicting potential and spreading through flower bud analysis of stawberry plants
Speaker: P. Melis
Size: 863 kb
Presentation USA
Speaker: Chris Christian
Size: 3.06 mb
Presentation UK
Speaker: Nick Marsden
Size: 2.74 mb
Presentation Spain
Speaker: Jan Van Bergeijk
Size: 2.31 mb
Presentation Italy
Speaker: Alberto Garbuglia
Size: 1.31 mb
Presentation Turkey 2013
Speaker: Gohkan Yaltir
Size: 2.34 mb
Presentation Germany AMI
Speaker: Hans Behr
Size: 150 kb
Presentation The Netherlans
Speaker: Ad Klaassen
Size: 335 kb
Presentation Belgium
Speaker: Jan Engelen
Size: 918 kb


Strawberry Breeding: Past achievements and visions for the future
Speaker: David Simpson
Size: 2.58 mb

Screening and testing of new junebearing strawberry varieties and selections
Speaker: Hendrik Trekels
Size: 1.56 mb
The Consumer As CEO 2013 Master
Speaker: Linda Eatherton
Size: 7.54 mb
Live Long And Healthy In 123
Speaker: Nathalie Bekx
Size: 3.24 mb
Marketing Of Zespri Kiwi Fruits
Speaker: Veronique Parmentier
Size: 3.38 mb
Hoogstraten Awareness Image Survey 2013 Highlights
Speaker: An Segers
Size: 718 kb
A core collection of modified germplasm as a resource tool for fungi infection and fruit texture studies
Speaker: A.J. Matas
Size: 1.8 mb
Drosophila suzukii in Switzerland: monitoring and mass trapping
Speaker: C. Baroffio
Size: 1.72 mb
CATT as a non-chemical pest and nematode control method in strawberry mother planting stock
Speaker: G. van Kruistum 
Size: 628 kb
Responsibly Fresh VBT
Speaker: Ann De Craene
Size: 1.69 mb
Needs and possibilities for Integrated Crop Management of Strawberries
Speaker: Karel Bolckmans
Size: 4.26 mb
Residue Analysis 2
Speaker: Carine De Clercq
Size: 1.01 mb
Are there some strawberry more healthy than other, can we claim it? 
Speaker: B. Mezzetti
Size: 2.41 mb
Sensitive Handling Of Your Sensitive Shipments: Hellmann World Wide Logistics
Speaker: Richard Beld
Size: 3.39 mb
Urban Farmers Strawberry Antwerp En TZ
Speaker: Tom Zollner
Size: 2.85 mb
Drive Dauvers Fraises
Speaker: Olivier Dauvers
Size: 6.81 mb
Innovations In Food Packaging: University Of Ghent
Speaker: Peter Ragaert
Size: 2.37 mb
Just Pres ISC With Video 050913
Speaker: Daan Vetters
Size: 4.34 mb
Presentation Hoogstraten Foodpairing
Speaker: Bernard Lahousse
Size: 3.31 mb