Moderator Commercialisation: Prof. Josse De Baerdemaeker (KU Leuven - Kyoto University)                       Moderator Research: VCBT

From 10:00
Delegate registration at Elzenveld hotel



Welcome and opening - Gaston Opdekamp (Managing Director of Veiling Hoogstraten)


Keynote speaker: "Trends leading to innovation" - Nigel Barlow (Trendwatcher). He is one of the world's most dynamic business speakers. He focuses on creativity and innovation applied to leadership, business strategy, customers and the future.


  • Production areas worldwide - Philippe Appeltans (Secretary General VBT)
  • Trade flows - Philippe Binard (General Delegate of Freshfel Europe)

Networking break and poster sessions

PARALLEL SESSION 1 - Research: Cultivation - Chairman: Boris Duralija

  • Improving water use efficiency and fruit quality in field-grown strawberry: Else M.A., Taylor J.M., HopsoN C., Dalton A., Wood M.
  • The 'Flying Doctors system': an innovative way to combine pollination and crop protection: Wackers F., Mommaerts V., Put K., Bollens T., Jacques Y., Boulanger F., Van Delm T., Melis P., Stoffels K.
  • Automation Technologies on Strawberry Harvesting and Packaging Operations in Japan: Hayashi S., Yamamoto S., Tsubota S., Ochiai Y., Kobayashi K., Kamata J., Kurita M., Inazumi H., Rajendra P.
  • Supplemental LED Growth Light in Remontant Strawberry at High Latitudes: Nestby R., Trandem N.
  • Predicting potential and spreading through flower bud analysis of strawberry plants: Melis P., Van Delm T., Stoffels K., Baets W. 
  • Development of Sustainable Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization Practices on Strawberry Cultivars in Florida, United States: Santos B.M., Whitaker V.M.



PARALLEL SESSION 1 - Commercialisation

  • Sales strategies in different production areas: Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, USA, UK, Spain and Turkey
  • Panel discussion
  • Point of view audience

Conclusions by the moderator (Research & Commercialisation)

18:00 - 18:45
Poster sessions

19:00 - 22:00
Evening reception in the city centre (walking dinner)

Moderator Commercialisation: Prof. Josse De Baerdemaeker (KU Leuven - Kyoto University)
Moderator Research: VCBT




PARALLEL SESSION 2 - Research: Breeding, genetics and functional genomics - Chairman: Zurawicz E.

Keynote speaker: David Simpson (Plant Breeder at East Malling Research), Strawberry breeding: Past achievements and visions for the future

  • A core collection of modified strawberry germplasm as a resource tool for fungi infection and fruit texture studies: Pineda H., Posé S., Paniagua C., Garcia-Gago J.A., Pliego-Alfaro F., Quesada M.A., Mercado J.A., Matas A.J.
  • Using plant traits to estimate production costs and profitability of strawberry genotypes in southeast Queensland: Herrington M.E., Wegener M., Hardner C., Woolcock L.L., Dieters M.J.
  • Characterizing Nutritional Traits in a diploid strawberry NIL population: Urrutia-Rosauro M., Bonet-Gigante J., Arús P., Monfort A.
  • Screening and testing of new junebearing strawberry varieties and selections: Boonen M., Trekels H.




PARALLEL SESSION 2 - Commercialisation: Marketing

Keynote speaker: Linda Eatherton (Partner/director of Global Food and Nutrition Practice at Ketchum), FOOD 2020: The consumer as CEO 

  • Live long and healthy in 1,2,3 - Nathalie Bekx (CEO of Trendhuis)
  • Marketing of Zespri kiwifruits - Veronique Parmentier (Global Marketing Manager at Zespri)
  • Brand awareness & Image survey 2013 (Flanders) - An Segers (Sr. Director Global Research at Market Probe)


Networking break and poster sessions


PARALLEL SESSION 3 - Research: Pathology - Chairman: Baets W. 

  • Drosophila suzukii in Switzerland: monitoring and mass trapping: Baroffio C., Fischer S., Kehrli P., Kuske S., Linder C., Samietz J.
  • Characteristics of Xanthomonas fragariae and expression of angular leaf spot in Belgian conditions: Vandroemme J.,Melis P., Verjans W., Stragier P., Deckers T., Baets W., De Vos P., Van Vaerenbergh, J., Maes M.
  • Natural elicitors of plant defence response in strawberry and other crops: Garrido-Gala J., Perdices-Hoyo M., Soliveri J., Copa-Patiño J.L., Muñoz- Blanco J., Caballero J.L.
  • CATT as a non-chemical pest and nematode control method in Strawberry Mother Planting Stock: van Kruistum G., Verschoor J., Hoek H.
  • Improving strawberry IPM in California with botanical and microbial pesticides: Dara S.



PARALLEL SESSION 3 - Commercialisation: Sustainability & Supply chain management

  • Responsibly Fresh - collectively towards sustainable development - Ann De Craene (Staff member product-technical matters VBT)
  • Needs and Possibilities for Integrated Crop Management of Strawberries - Karel Bolckmans (Director Global R&D and Production at Koppert BV)
  • Residue Analysis: How extensively should a laboratory analyse? - Carine De Clercq (Managing Director of Fytolab)
  • Sensitive handling of your sensitive shipments - Richard Beld (Managing Director at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics)


Networking lunch


PARALLEL SESSION 4 - Research: Postharvest technology and quality - Chairman: Schenk A.

Keynote speaker: Bruno Mezzetti (Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona), Are there some strawberry more  healthy than other, can we claim it?

  • Breeding of hypoallergenic strawberry fruit: Franz K., Eberlein B., Hücherig S., Ring J., Darsow U., Schwab W.
  • Towards an integrated platform for the objective measurement of strawberry quality: Hertog M.L.A.T.M., Schenk A., De Roeck A., Buysens S., Melis P., Boonen M., Nicolaï B.M.
  • Analysis of lgE binding capacity and stress inducibility of strawberry allergen Fra a 1: Futsuki D., Nabe T., Nitta Y., Tsuruta H., Yamasaki K., Iduhara M., Uno Y.
  • Diversity of metabolite patterns and sensory characters in wild and cultivated strawberries: Ulrich D., Olbricht K.



PARALLEL SESSION 4 - Commercialisation: Innovation

  • Urbanfarmers Ltd. “Freshen up your business model” - Tom Zoellner (Senior Consultant for Market Development at UrbanFarmers Ltd.)
  • Drive: a 100% new business in France, already 3 billions € in 2013 How does it work? Is there any winning model? Which perspectives? - Olivier Dauvers (Editor at Editions Dauvers)
  • Innovations in food packaging: towards more sustainability ánd functionality - Peter Ragaert (Professor Food Packaging Technology at the University of Ghent and Techological advisor Pack4Food npo)
  • Just. the presentation of our new brand - Daan Vetters (Just. Innovation Manager at Hessing)
  • Point of view audience


Networking break and poster sessions


Keynote speakers: 'FOODPAIRING: tools to support the creativity of your consumers; from Michelin Star chefs to multinationals' - Bernard Lahousse (Managing Director of Sense for Taste) and Roger Van Damme (Michelin-star chef of Het Gebaar in Antwerp)




Congress Gala dinner (only with voucher)


Departure to Hoogstraten                                                        



Arrival & welcome in Hoogstraten         


Start excursions Belgium and The Netherlands to:


  • Veiling Hoogstraten The Hoogstraten Producers Association
  • A selected group of growers in Belgium & The Netherlands with different cultivation systems
  • Special Fruit (Visit to the Logistics Center berries)
  • National Strawberry Research Station Hoogstraten  (PCH)


BBQ at an inspiring location


Excursions Belgium and The Netherlands


International Strawberry Congress ending

  • Please note: this is a provisional programme and is subject to change
  • The scientific programme will consist of keynote lectures by invited speakers and research papers by oral and poster presentations. The papers presented at the International Strawberry Congress will be peer-reviewed and published in a special issue of The Journal of Berry Research. The final acceptance of papers for oral or poster presentations will be decided by the Scientific Committee.