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What is Hoogstraten®?

No one can resist the taste and quality of Hoogstraten® strawberries. This is what lends our strawberries their unique prestige reputation - not only in Belgium but across the globe. Hoogstraten® strawberries are increasingly finding their way onto foreign markets. Always festive, a trifle exclusive - these are the qualities that make Hoogstraten ® strawberries so distinctive.

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In the field of strawberries our region is a top player, on European level as well. Hoogstraten® strawberries are worldwide irresistible. Professional pride is very important among its growers - 300 family farms make a living from the strawberry almost 12 months a year. Only products in compliance with the strictest growing and delivery regulations are accepted. It assures you of ecological cultivation, respect for the environment and for people. The Hoogstraten® watchword is top quality. For more information: www.hoogstraten.eu

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