Strawberry broth tapped with crème brûlée

Dessert | Difficult

Strawberry broth tapped with crème brûlée


    • 6 dl whole milk, 5 egg yoks, 200 g sugar,
    • 1 vanilla pod, 1 dl water, 100 g sugar,
    • 5 basil leaves, 1 lime, 1 bag of rosehip tea, 100 g strawberries,
    • 2 gelatine leaves, 3 leaves of fresh mint



For the crème brûlée:
Soak the gelatine in lukewarm water. Heat the milk until it just about reaches boiling point with the split vanilla pod in it. Add the soaked gelatine and dissolve using a whisk. Beat the egg yolks and the sugar into foamy  substanve and then sit 'à la nappe' with the milk (i.e. slichtly thickened). Careful: this mixture may not be heated over 65°C. Let it cool off.

For the broth :
Cook the water with 100 g of sugar at low heat. Add the basil leaves, the lime and the tea bag after 5 minutes and let it boil down until obtaining a syrup. Let it cool down and sieve.

Put the crème brûlée in a piping bag. Cut the strawberries in brunoise ( little dice) and put a 2 cm layer of strawberries in a glass. Submerge the strawberries in the broth and then spray the crème brûlée on top of it. Garnish with a mint leaf.